Our story

We are on a mission to empower industry leaders to drive profitable business growth through better connected customer data, technology automation and enhanced collaboration. We do this by uncovering obstacles prohibiting progress, and aligning the people, processes, and platforms required to overcome challenges and enabling opportunities to achieve business goals. All the while, we provide unbiased support, education and guidance for strategically harnessing the power of customer data, which is our differentiator for a successful outcome.


We are a partner

Not a Vendor, Agency or Tech Shop. Our singular focus is on elevating how our clients do business. Their agenda is our agenda, their goals ours.


We are transparent

We observe, distill and share all of our findings openly and honestly. We arm our clients with the relevant information to make informed decisions.


Some of our brand partners

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

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Philosophy & Core Values

Transparent’s core values and philosophy not only guide us in how we operate our business, but also inform how we drive truly transformative change within yours.


Trust in people, accountability across partners, and transparency in the process


Commitment to data fidelity and integrated systems designed around customer needs


Use of data-driven insights to create meaningful relationships with customers and reciprocal value for the brand

Board of Directors

Howard Bass

Chairman of the Board

Andrew Swinand

Board Member

Eric Langshur

Board Member

Mike Woods

Board Member

Ted Meisel

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