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Providing Personalized Communication to Members

June 1, 2022


Transparent Partners


Evaluate Email Service Providers (ESP) and SMS technologies currently leveraged across the enterprise to expose opportunities for optimization focused on: 

  • Functional capabilities
  • Technical configuration
  • Operating model design
  • Workflow management
  • Data consumption and creation
  • Potential for consolidation


Identified and established a record of all ESP & SMS technologies embedded with the Brand’s ecosystem (internal and external use).

Partnered with key stakeholders to align around current-state needs and future-state ambitions through documentation of use cases.

Evaluated current-state technical capabilities, operational processes and resource availability against prioritized Marketing use cases to uncover gaps and opportunities for remediation.

Designed an optimal future-state ESP and SMS partner infrastructure and data flow design to address requirements.

Distilled the future-state design into an actionable roadmap guiding the Brand through recommended timing and sequencing of key initiatives to achieve the desired state.


  • Completed a cost benefit analysis of Email and Messaging resources and operating process to inform business case for the proposed model
The following are in-progress or pending activation:
  • Deprecation of seven disparate systems and consolidation onto a single email planning and distribution platform designed to support all outbound marketing communications
  • Streamlining of email data pipelines to enable more robust targeting, content optimization and insights
  • Identification and implementation of Customer Data Management and Digital Asset Management capabilities
  • Migration of external commercial and prospecting communications to the internal communications platform
  • Design and implementation of an operational workflow articulating the process and associated ownership through which initiatives will be deployed