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Programmatic assessment uncovers 42% in non-working costs

April 13, 2020


Transparent Partners

The Ask

A Global CPG advertiser significantly increasing their programmatic spend YOY recognized the need to assess their current programmatic approach and contracts

The Approach

  • Conducted a programmatic media assessment and financial analysis to identify process and tech needs, as well as design new programmatic deal terms
  • Evaluate unbundled costs for labor, tech, media and data and compared to industry benchmarks
  • Also applied industry verification standards around viewability, ad fraud and brand safety

The Outcome

  • Programmatic Media Assessment identified opportunities to decrease non-working programmatic costs by up to 42% of net budget.
  • Identified potential opportunity to increase net programmatic media dollars by 31% when migrating to disclosed deal structure and eliminating inventory arbitrage.
  • Recovered 11% of net programmatic budget by reducing managed service fees and negotiating tech rates.