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Organizational Infrastructure & Operating Model

September 12, 2019


Transparent Partners

The Ask

Organizational change needed to occur to deliver on customer centricity, efficiency, and effectiveness and set brand up for success in the constantly evolving landscape of media and analytics. The brand needed to switch from siloed and inconsistent data to centralized data management, real-time optimizations and holistic media operations across marketing activities.

The Approach

  • Conducted a situational analysis to identify priority needs for the portfolio and uncover current state gaps.
  • Led a technology evaluation to identify the best programmatic buy-side technology platform and dynamic creative partner.
  • Designed an enhanced operating model to influence new media agency processes for defining, reaching, and optimizing paid media engagement with priority audience segments.

The Outcome

  • Client is now able to use their robust customer data when decisioning digital inventory and dynamically deliver content in real-time to specific audiences.
  • The transition from a non-disclosed trading desk model to disclosed, in-agency programmatic buying unit tailed to the client is estimated to garner 20%+ in cost efficiencies for programmatic activity.
  • Client has experienced a 59% increase in shareholder value to their business since implementing new operating and engagement models.