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Marketing Moves into Mass Personalization

November 1, 2020


Transparent Partners

The Ask

Remove friction and instill trust in customers through personalized experiences inside of one of the world’s largest retail pharmacies. This provider was seeking to deliver scalable yet personalized healthcare and shopping offerings they had in their physical stores and growing ecommerce platform. The brand’s  goal was to build differentiated omnichannel healthcare and retail experience that enhanced the relationship with customers and lead to increase visitations and transactions.

The Approach

  • Begin with a comprehensive assessment of customer data, enterprise-wide technologies and marketing operations to unearth opportunities that would lead them to growth.
  • Informed major global tech and data partnerships that led to foundational pillars to a “mass personalization” strategy.
  • Evaluated and recommended global martech platform to orchestrate customer data for activation in-store and through ecommerce channels.
  • Established a roadmap and business case for deployment of “mass personalization” use cases tied to defines business outcomes.

The Outcome

  • Mass Personalization was responsible for a 1% revenue uplift in Q2 2020 and a 95 basis points uplift in Q3 2020 (Forbes, 2020).
  • Formed a mature and scalable technology stack, to improve customer use cases with predictive analytics.
  • Formed comprehensive customer profiles with purchase history on the more than 100 million members of the loyalty program.
  • Within pharmacy, predictive analytics are helping patients manage their health by improving medication adherence.