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Connecting Siloed Customer Data Enables Personalization

June 11, 2019


Transparent Partners

The Ask

In a unique position among consumer packaged goods companies, a global advertiser had 1st party data on 65% of their products’ in-market shoppers. Their data was stored in several legacy platforms that did not allow for seamless connected addressability across paid & owned execution channels.

The Approach

  • Designed a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to replace the legacy data management platform  with a more streamlined, unified system across the global regions that would have the ability to manage customer information for both Known Customer Data (PII) and Anonymous Digital Customer Data.
  • Configured customer data records in the CDP to be managed and executed addressably across paid & owned channels – digital media, email, direct mail, call center, website, etc.

The Outcome

  • Newly connected customer data profiles, built from a robust collection of multi-channel attributes, give the brand a 360-degree view of behaviors and interactions with their customers to provide the right message at the right time through the right channel, and measure the response interaction.
  • Brand has recognized $3mm+ in savings in systems migration and improved operational execution.