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Accelerating revenue growth and EBITDA with Customer Data

December 2, 2021


Brandon Starkoff

Managing Partner, CEO – Transparent Partners

Focusing on customer data is a low-risk path to significantly growing EBITDA with very little downside and a relatively low commitment of capital to make it happen.   At Transparent Partners, an independent data and technology consultancy, we have helped clients yield an 8-10x return on their investment in customer data capabilities at the high-end, and 3-4x on the low-end, all within a manageable timeframe. We specialize on using a unique set of forensic, proprietary tools to uncover gaps in customer data integrity, connectivity and value which can quickly be transitioned into monetizable assets and strategies.

For example:

  • For a major global retailer, in 10 weeks we investigated their customer data and technology to create a strategic plan that combined online and offline transaction data to create a $4B incremental revenue channel supported by their suppliers and continues to grow today.
  • For another major health-focused retailer, we did a 12 week marketing technology analysis that led to the implementation of new systems and data availability that led to a 95 basis point increase in the first quarter of deployment.

Both of the above projects were less than a $400,000 investment and completed within one quarter.  At Transparent partners we have learned through experience across industries, that actionable, insightful customer data can be the accelerator of incremental revenue, and can power technology platforms to improve an automated workflow rather than relying on manual labor, thus reducing costs and speed to market.  In doing so, we have proven low risk efforts that result in high success rates.  

Better understanding, control and management of quality customer data can lead to major growth in revenue and EBITDA.