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$14M in savings recovered from non-transparent paid media buying

March 27, 2019


Transparent Partners

The Ask

One of the worlds largest retailers was seeking 1:1 personalization at scale to compete with emerging category disruptors but didn’t know where to start.  Their data was fragmented and managed by external partners in a bundled pricing structure limiting a true understanding of media ROI.  This model also prevented a holistic view of the customer across paid and owned channels for physical and digital commerce.

The Approach

  • Conducted an extensive assessment of the existing partners (agency and tech platform) technologies and cost structures.
  • Apply unbundled cost structure to proper industry standards that empowered a renegotiation with providers.
  • Designed a holistic technology infrastructure strategy and roadmap to achieve 1:1 personalization across physical stores and ecommerce.

The Outcome

  • Corporate team realized nearly $14M in savings (34% of total) from non transparent programmatic buying to re-invest in future state MarTech strategy and deployment (i.e. technology and people).
  • Renegotiations with tech partner resulted in 23% increase in media value and improved alignment on industry standard verification.
  • Renewed energy across organization with a transparent two-year roadmap towards 1:1 personalization, globally.