Meet the team

Our team

Transparent Partners is a group of tremendously passionate marketing technology and data specialists. Our collective experience spans: some of the largest agencies in the world, contributions across both Martech & Adtech platforms, support of major and niche consultancies alike, and direct brand ownership driving consumer-centric innovation, analytics insights, and operational excellence.

Aaron Fetters

Managing Partner, CEO
Innate leader, who can be found in a vineyard in the fall pursuing his winemaking hobby.

Darren Rankine

Partner, Technology
When technical know how meets strong client advocate. Loves to see the planets in the Colorado night sky, but stays weary of bears in his front yard.

Lindsey Daly

Partner, Accounts
Wearer of all hats. Constantly connecting with new people-often in strange places. Former bass guitarist, still waiting for her big break.

Josh Vincent

Partner, Data & Analytics
Master of person level data and advanced analytics, known to juggle... on a unicycle.

Kaela Carey Cifonelli

Sr. Director, Accounts
Loves cooking, hates recipes. Organizational rockstar who starts her Saturdays with a coffee and croissant from her favorite Chicago bakery.

Jacob Schmitt

Sr. Manager, Data & Analytics
Homemade pizza chef extraordinaire, aspiring Ironman, disciplined and hardworking tech wizard.

Oliver Amidei

Sr. Director, Data & Analytics
Curious cooking enthusiast and all around data savant. Proud of his eclectic, but admittedly millennial tastes. He loves independent coffee roasters, his rec soccer league (pre-covid), and tinkering with code.

Sarah Johnson

Manager, Accounts
Motivated D1 athlete and marketing connoisseur, traded warm California sun for Chicago seasons and runs along Lake Michigan.

Rae Markwell

Director, Accounts
Well-read Disney fanatic, best known for color coding spreadsheets and delighting clients.

Danny Mattis

Director, Data & Analytics
High energy presentation pro who loves basketball and hiking through the National Parks.

Hannah Ventola

Sr. Accounts Associate, Accounts
Chicago born, Arizona raised- can handle the extremes. Avid reader, ardent planner and some would say deep-dish pizza aficionado.

Lauren Cerney

Sr. Manager, Accounts
Passionate data storyteller with a vision for business transformation. Always keeps a pen/notebook in her purse and dinner party trivia up her sleeve.

John Lillard

Sr. Director, Technology
Brings order to chaos. Speaks with Diagrams. Thinks a detailed project plan can be a beautiful thing. Committed Foodie.

MacKayla Heller

Sr. Data Analyst, Data & Tech
Can conquer big data with a good cup of coffee. Expert at positive energy and teamwork with a passion for exploring new experiences.

Eric Zalewski

Sr. Data Analyst, Data & Analytics
Data-loving team player who can talk about food for days. Aspiring to hit a golf ball straight and make a free throw on the weekends.

Gina Orlandi

Project Manager, Accounts
Utility player and obsessive organizer who will take any opportunity to talk about her house plants and cat.

Arnav Mitra

Sr. Analyst, Data & Analytics
Sports-loving comedy fan with a passion for problem solving. Will put your local all-you-can-eat sushi place out of business.

Michael Kelley

Director, Data & Analytics
Passion for Measurement has led to becoming a certified mixologist who, much to the annoyance of his wife, makes and hand-cuts all of the ice used in his home.

Ed Weigel

Sr. Manager, Accounts
Prodigal child of the midwest, army veteran, dad, cyclist and weekend home DIYer.

Geri Carrillo

Manager, Accounts
Cuban-American, who has a passion for exploration and travel. Has visited around 18 countries, 22 if you include layovers.

Allison Ninmann

Sr. Associate, Accounts
Self-proclaimed cat lady who is passionate about organization, Nick Saban, and iced coffee.

Sheryl Robinos

Manager, Technology
Born and raised in the Philippines, a Boilermaker and sushi lover.

Mitchell Reynolds

Sr. Manager, Data & Analytics
Revels in contradictions (bad movies to great niche films; lefty guitarist while a righty everywhere else).

Lindsey Mahomes

Sr. Analyst, Data & Analytics
Word puzzle enthusiast and ardent reader with a knack for problem-solving. Always eager to get to the bottom of a dataset and the top of a rock wall.

Amanda Rappold

Sr. Manager, Accounts
A sucker for live music and will travel to see most shows, including Bruno Mars in Arkansas on a Sunday night.

Omar El-Dabt

Manager, Technology
Lived in Kuwait for 17 years and never saw snow until he moved to the US when he was 18. Loves all Wisconsin sports teams and enjoys watching their games while eating cheese curds.

Riya Dekate

Analyst, Technology
Enjoys her free time curled up with a good book, or experimenting with various art forms.

Andrew Fix

Analyst, Data & Analytics
Has 5 siblings (which might explain his loud voice). Enjoys watching Minnesota sports, however painful it may be, and is learning how to play the guitar in his free time.

Abdul Muqeet

Manager, Data & Analytics
The youngest of four siblings, a die hard Chicago Bulls Fan, and enjoys binging TV Shows in his free time.

Rebecca Siems

Analyst, Technology
Enjoys hiking, solving jigsaw puzzles, and sharing encyclopedic knowledge of reality TV.

Devon Wanasek

Analyst, Data & Analytics
Proud Wisconsinite and will show you many photos of her corgi if prompted. Believes there is nothing better than a lakeshore run.